Moot Pointe lampoons politics, pop culture, everyday life, and just about everything and anything. Nothing is off limits ... except toast; it never make fun of toast. So, whether you’re on the left, on the right, for this, or against that, Moot Pointe is for you. We really think no matter what side you're on or position you have, things are taken a bit too seriously nowadays and we all just need to lighten up and laugh a little more.


The setting is the land of Moot Pointe and the Bed and Breakfast run by that old time vaudevillian Fran Koviak. But “romps” can take place anywhere the cosmic comic forces lead. The scrupleless gang of poor souls predominantly inhabiting the quagmire are Moot, Marion, and Luna. The supporting cast includes Fran Koviak, Hayu T. Cornbred, Zed Llama, and Senator Teddy A. Boondoggle. There’s also an endless assortment of politicians, celebrities, and other newsmakers that constantly wander in and out mostly due to their GPS malfunctioning. Actually, to our great dismay, some never get out.


So come on and join in the shenanigans of everyday life in the quaint little town of Moot Pointe - where when it's all said and done, the only thing that matters is the endless pursuit of all things pointeless ... and of course ... remembering where you left the remote.



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