Marion Michael Morrison lives with his grandmother Fran at the Bed and Breakfast.  He was named after Marion Michael Morrison (a.k.a. John Wayne) and has a personality to match. Adventurous explorer best describes him. If there's excitement to be had he's sure to be in the thick of it. And, he usually comes out none-the-worse-for-wear thanks to his "bestest of friends" and faithful dog Moot. On the other hand, it's Moot that often reaps the unfortunate consequences of Marion's "leaps of fancy" - or "blind jumps into utter stupidity" as Moot refers to them. Luna is his twin sister.


Moot resides at the B&B in the official capacity of mascot. Not glamorous he says, but at least it's better than being the Vice-President.  Moot and Marion are "bestest of friends" and partners-in-crime. Although at the time, Moot is usually unaware of the crime. Moot is a member of the Volunteer Fire Brigade and has taken it upon himself to tackle most of the maintenance projects around the B&B. When he's not traipsing off with Marion to the next adventure, Moot can often be found contemplating life's meaning (or maybe it's just heart burn) at Moot Pointe, the inspiration for the town's name, and a good place for revelation, reflection, and an occasional moose sighting.

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